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Cheap Fragrances Versus More Expensive Options

When buying perfumes or fragrances many people ask the question, should I buy a cheap fragrances or an expensive fragrance? In the past, when perfumes were actually hand crafted by chemists in their basements the answer to this question would always be a more difficult and in depth subject, however in today’s global fragrance market, where perfumes can be attained in bulk from all over the world, the answers are a little clearer. Read on for information that will clear up the question of cheap fragrances versus expensive alternatives. Fortunately nowadays the price of a fragrance does not always indicate the quality, there are multiple instances where a cheap fragrance actually beats a very expensive option in all of the blind smell tests re enforcing the sentiment that cheap fragrances can well worth trying.

In the past cheap fragrances have normally tended to be extremely top heavy on alcohol and made with somewhat artificial smells, the odours of these cheaper fragrances was always quite pungent and non complicated, however over the years these assumptions now do not always ring true and in fact many cheap fragrances will compare to expensive alternatives very favourably with many testers not being able to distinguish between the expensive or cheap fragrance. The manufacturers of expensive perfumes know this and now try to sell the “idea or experience” attached to the fragrance rather than just the smell. They stuff the advertising campaigns full of fashion, lifestyle and way of life options and in many occasions do not even mention the actual smell of the perfume. For instance when aiming a specific fragrance or perfume at young lovers, the advertisers, may market the product as alluring, sensual and dangerous filling the adverts with images of forbidden love.

Alternatively advertising agencies have marketed more expensive perfumes by pushing the concept that these fragrances are maybe more subtle and have been crafted by perfume geniuses, the truth of this matter normally being that the fragrances, cheap or expensive, come from exactly the same factories in the far east and are just packaged completely different depending which markets they are destined for. Because of this deception by fragrance marketing companies it is always a very shrewd philosophy to let your nose do the thinking and compare expensive and cheap fragrances with a smell test rather than be swayed by advertising, in many instances you will be pleasantly surprised at the results with the cheaper options coming out on top.

So in conclusion just because a fragrance manufacturer has not got the backing of a large advertising company or fashion house it does not necessarily mean that the perfume they manufacture is any less complicated than those being pushed by the big fashion companies. However many times the big boys imply that their scents are hand crafted by specialist chemists does not always portray the actual truth. You decide which smells suit you and if the scent you prefer is given by a cheap fragrance then so be it, the only person to benefit from this will be you.